This is the post about why and how I started my freelancing career as a software engineer. Even though I had good grades in math and good computer skills I have pursued sales and project management path after finishing university in 2013. I have worked for nearly four years for different companies on the head of sales and project management roles. But all my free time was dedicated to what I loved the most programming and after a while programming turned into a full-time career.

A year ago we have been asked to work on SaaS software for pool owners to manage personnel. Aquapoint is large SaaS system for pool owners, that gives them full remote control over different pools in different locations. AquaPoint system has a big established competitor on the market. Our work was to redesign Aquapoint UI and give better user experiences for scheduling and profiles sections.

Our job was to redesign a cloud PBX installation wizard. Wizard is used to correctly install cloud PBX system. Our client has a designer in their team. They did their best to improve the UX of the wizard as much as possible. We had to improve it further and change the UI to the material design system.

The main problem client had with a wizard is that it was originally designed by technical people and is hard for “non-techies”. So our job was to make it more user-friendly.